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A sound investment!

Did you know that landscaping your garden/outside spaces could increase the value of your home by up to 77% according to some studies conducted recently?

That's a pretty big increase and one that people don't often realise exists when looking to add value or update their homes. A study by Post Office Money in September of 2020 looked at house prices and the types of rennnovations people have been doing to their homes. They came up with a list of things that home owners can invest in and compared that investment with approximately how much value they add.

These are the potential increases in value of property with improvements, according to Post Office Money:

Garden landscaping: 77 per cent Gym: 44 per cent Extension: 37 per cent Walk-in wardrobe: 34 per cent Jacuzzi/hot tub: 27 per cent New kitchen: 26 per cent Swimming pool: 22 per cent Basement conversion: 17 per cent Conservatory: 10 per cent Driveway: 9 per cent Wet room: 7 per cent

When you’re looking at pictures of homes, or even your own outdoor space, what’s the first thing you look for or want? For many people, looking to buy, it’s the garden. The dream of a beautiful outdoor retreat all of your own. For just as many home owners, it's a garden that's become lacklustre or doesn't function well enough for their family.

Rightmove, the estate agent website, found that a garden was a priority for over 60% of residential buyers looking for a new home. And, according to the Royal Chartered Institute of Surveyors, this number is set to grow over 2021.

They found that 80% of estate agents expect demand for gardens to increase even more over the next 2 years.

It’s clear that gardens are an asset to a house sale and indeed for your current home. But, do all gardens add the same amount of value? Is bigger always better? What features are home buyers looking for?

Our advice is to keep it simple, make it functional and add the touches to make it beautiful. If we were to list some of the things that make an instant difference and are likely to offer a sound return on your investment then we'd recommend some of the following:

Decking - wood or composite.

A decked area allows for an entertainment space. If placed in just the right spot in your garden - where you can sit and have a glass of something in the evenings, this is a great way to add value.

Properly laid paving, paths and patios

Quite often we see paving that's not laid to the best standard but, if it's done properly, a patio can provide a great BBQ area or sunny spot for your table, chairs and maybe even a fire pit to warm the colder evenings.

Lawned area

Live law is great if you can maintain it or, as long as the balance is right, artificial lawn can work just as well. A garden really should contain some greenery in our opinion as it lifts the space and is also a great place for children or pets to while away the summer days.

Garden buildings and sheds

Storage is always a consideration isn't it? Especially if you have a family. SO selling your home or not, a shed is always a plus. Garden buildings that offer housing for hot tubs, saunas or indoor seating areas are also a great asset to any garden. If it rains, no problem!


Let the light shine on your new outdoor space. Well placed lighting can transform the look of a garden and illuminate its best freatures. Make sure it's done safely though or it might become a headache later.


Green fingered or not, plants should always have a place in a garden in our experience. Pots or planters are a great way to introduce colour and interest and

You don't have to be Alan Titchmarsh or Charlie Dimmock to maintain planting if you get the correct advice.

Of course, all of these suggestions come with a cost but, given the industry findings, you're just as likely, if not more, to get a return on your investment if you choose to move on to your next home. If you're not in the market for moving then investing in your own garden can still be a great way to extend the size of your property. Bringing the outside inside and creating another space for you and your family to use and enjoy - oh, and it's cheaper than an extension!

If you'd like to learn more or book a consultation with us - we'd be happy to help. You can visit to request an appointment or scan below to go directly to our website.

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