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Sustainable Gardening

Our Mission

Part of our mission at MBS Gardens is to reduce our waste and increase our sustainable gardening practices. The environment, and how we can protect it, is so important to us as a family business. Taking care of the planet we will leave to the next generation is key to offering sustainable gardening and landscaping practices. Working with the landscape and the wider environment helps prevent soil erosion, assists with water regulation, stores carbon to help combat climate change, and provides homes for wildlife - among many other things. Even small changes can make a big difference!

What do we do? Well, we 

  • recycle our rubble so that it can be used again 

  • avoid all kinds of pesticides and fertilisers that are damaging to soil and wildlife

  • recommend live materials in our projects to encourage nature and wildlife 

  • recycle green waste into compost to be reused 

  • collect rain water at our workshop to clean down tools and water plants we’re taking care of 

  • make as few trips to suppliers and condense orders into as few as possible to reduce our carbon footprint  

  • encourage community growing and growing your own food 

  • up-cycle paving and timber where possible 

  • remain peat free in our choice of compost - when we’re not using our own! 

  • plant for pollinatiors to support cross pollination and encourage growth of native plants

  • Follow safe wildlife practices including hedge management.

Let’s Go Green Together

Get in touch so we can start working together on climate change.

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