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Do you take commercial projects?

Yes we do, we have done work for charities, hospitals, schools and other local businesses. Get in touch and ask for our business to business brochure, we would be happy to help!


What is the cheapest option for my garden? 

We often get asked this question. It really depends on what you want. Our garden designs take care of every eventuality, not just the materials. A quality garden design will involve an in-depth site survey and client interview. The resulting proposal will include site preparation, waste removal (including anticipation of changes to surface area), recommendations for quality materials and offer various options to make a usable, comfortable space that will last. 

How long will my garden take to complete?

The time it can take to complete your garden can vary a lot between projects. Firstly, it depends on the look and finish you select. Secondly, much like a painting, we need a blank canvas to begin the transformation. If your garden needs less ground work and preparation, this can greatly reduce the time it takes to give you a perfect finish.

What if my garden takes longer than expected?

If your project runs over, sometimes this is unavoidable, in most cases MBS won't charge any more labour for the work - if it rains then that is nobodies fault!

What's the difference between a landscaper and a gardener?

Gardening and soft landscaping often concern themselves with the more horticultural side of garden design. Planting schemes, knowing your perennials from your annuals and lawn care fall under the category of gardening. Works such as patios, levelling, re-purposing of ground works and garden structures are considered 'hard landscaping' projects.

When can you fit us in?

We operate on a first come, first served basis for our bookings and do get booked in advance. If you're on a timescale, it's always best to ask. We will always help if we can.

Why is there so much preparation for my garden?

If you are looking for hard landscaping and are considering decking, patios, artificial lawn or even live turf - there are certain processes that need to be considered first. A level surface, a sound and appropriate sub base and a space free from drainage issues and trip hazards is much better than the alternative! However, if it doesn't need doing then rest assured we won't add it to our estimate!


How do you take payment?

You can read about our payment terms and find further information about how we work in our terms and conditions.

Is artificial lawn bad for the environment?

The answer to this question is one of preference, we think. While all of us are, rightly, trying to reduce the use of plastics in our day to day lives, artificial lawn is a good solution for many people who may be unable to take care of live turf. In these situations, we always suggest having plenty of other natural and live products to attract wildlife to your garden to balance things out.

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