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A Design for....Garden Life!

The trend of having a garden designer is something that has had its interest sparked by programmes such as ITV's Love Your Garden and Garden Rescue and it seems a little more commonplace to have someone help you design an outside space that works for you.

While these programmes are, often, a great watch - they can be somewhat deceiving. The designs are, indeed, great but it's easy to think that creating the design in real terms is not so costly or won't take very long. The truth is these programmes don't quite share all the costs involved. That said, getting a design for your garden is a brilliant idea when you know how you'd like to use your space - but not necessarily how you'd like it to look - or even if you really have no idea what you want!

At MBS Gardens we offer an individual design service so that clients can request a bespoke design consultation. We thought it might be useful to share the design process and talk about how we work with our clients to get the end result they want.

  1. First is the design consultation appointment: These can be requested online, via the website, and this is where we come and take a look at the space. We gather images, measurements and have a lengthy talk about your ideas. We'll ask lots of questions and really get to understand how you want to use your space, what kind of 'look' do you want? Traditional, cottage garden, modern sleek lines, multifunctional?

  2. Then we bring back all of our information and begin drawing up a design - here we begin to piece together the elements you like - features, structures, colours, shapes, water, balance and proportion.....we even consider the type of home you live in and what surrounds your garden and aim to compliment them.

  3. Then we take all of our detailed measurements and begin a plan for the hard landscaping - adding in any features, heights, structures and architecture

  4. Once the 2D plan is complete we work on adding more detail to produce a 3D rendered image of the hard landscaping

  5. Next, we add in planting schemes and any other smaller design aspects such as examples of furniture or lighting

  6. We then take both the plan and 3D design and, using your brief, produce a 'concept board' showing example materials, colours and textures for your garden

  7. Lastly we compile everything together into one document to present to you as a full design proposal.

Once this is complete it's over to you to decide if you'd like us to estimate for the project to create your design or, if not, the design is yours to take and use as you wish. Each design we create is individual to the client and the space and takes quite some time to do. Each stage is carefully worked on to bring abstract ideas to life.

The fees for our garden designs vary, depending on the size and intricacy of the designs but, if you decide to work with us to build your garden, we will take the design fee off the final balance of your project - and we all know you can't beat a freebie!!

If you, like many other prospective clients, are looking for some garden design 'inspo' then get in touch and see if we can guide you through the design process and get you on your way to #gardengoals

**All images copyright of MBS Gardens

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